Parm Singh Interview at SBS Radio

Parm spent his early life in the farmlands of Punjab in India, fell in love with it and then became overwhelmed by the charismatic beauty of the land and her people.

He did a Diploma in Arts and Crafts and Master’s degree in Punjabi before deciding to pursue his passion of painting professionally.

“I was always attracted to nature and the Sikh philosophy, a prime reason why I chose landscape and portrait painting. This passion has become a profession now,” said Parm Singh in an interview with Preetinder Singh Grewal.

Param Singh recently moved to Surrey in British Colombia where he is pursuing, a successful career as an artist and painter.

“There is a mystical connection between a painter and his paintings, which is always hard to explain in words,” adds Mr Singh.

“It is very hard to explain how the inspiration transcends for each painting. There is something in the inners-self that drives your will and brushes will do their job as instructed by the mind in that very moment.”

“The most intriguing thing that happened to me is the Sikh philosophy. Not only it helped me clear my vision but it is also the essential metaphor of my prototypical secret of painting.”

“It is good to be recognised but not that I apply for any awards or honours. My paintings give me inner-peace, which is enough for me at a satisfaction level.”

Parm Singh recently attended Sikh heritage day celebration in Melbourne, Australia. He had a live demonstration of his art and paintings at the Vaisakhi celebrations held at the President Park, Werribee in Melbourne’s west.

“I have been part of more than ten exhibitions to showcase my public and private collections. Now I want to do more, not only at social media but also in real life,” adds Mr Singh.

“In 2016, my painting “The Forgotten Master” had a special mention at an International competition held by Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver.”

“I am pleased to tell that last year I won “People’s Choice Award” to an en-plien air painting by Semiahoo Arts in White Rock BC, Canada.”

“I got third place in a painting competition held by Community Arts Council of Richmond BC, Canada in 2016.”

“I consider myself new to this area, still I would like to advise my fellow young artists to learn first and then to have a firm connection with art before exploring it at a professional level,” said Mr Singh.

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